Board Meeting Highlights

  • Welcomed visitors: Donna Schrader, Rochelle Smith, Freda Strzelec, Daniel Westerheim, Anita & Rob Alspaugh
  • Special thanks to Donna Schrader, David Greenwood and Ralph Crum for the layout and painting of the pickleball court!
  • A big show of appreciation to Alan Beard our O&G committee chair and Tim Powell past president for their oversight and diligence in overseeing the month-long process of the Comstock water draw.
  • Another project completed strictly by CCWC volunteers to build a concrete slab for the BBQ pit at the pavilion. Kudos to John Hughes, Scott Burns, Terry Shipley, and Tim Zradicka for completing this project.
  • Tim reported July 4th weekend was busy, but the patrolmen had good help from several lot owners. Two citations were written for improper labeling of boats.
  • Patrolman’s boat was fixed up a bit with a new cover to protect patrolmen from the sun and added new lights and horn for safety improvements.
  • Tim received a couple calls regarding dead fish. The consistent high heat with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, lower water levels and hydrilla causing some fish to get caught up in the grass and die. This was also discussed with Luchow as there was some concern from lot owners regarding the herbicide treatments.

Committee Reports

Vegetation - Keith Ellis absent – The Board discussed the report provided by Keith & Lochow Lake Management. The good news is the carp are making real gains in the open areas of the lake. Grass carp are being seen all over the lake with the first signs of doing their job is evident. Boat lanes have been treated, but lanes are not sufficiently cleared to allow unrestained boat access so the Board approved widening the boat lane treatment area and spraying of the lanes every 2 weeks. Luchow also reported they treated a 20 acre area to reduce the overall coverage of lotus. Bill Fallwell raised the concern that the lily treatments are not as effective and more is needed.

Finance - Nancy Hughes supported with report provided by Trudi - We only have 9 Lot owners who have not paid their annual dues. Financial Policies & Procedures Manual continues development with the Accounting Firm, Thompson, Derrig and Craig who are assisting with documenting correct corporation financial controls and assisting with new policy development as needed. A deposit from Comstock water sales was recorded for $300,542.50.Social – Committee Chair needed – The Fishing Tournament was a tremendous success but requires a lot of work and we do not have a Social Committee Chair to run this event in 2024.

Special Projects - Larry Hubbell – 3 Helipads have been established and mowed and marked for 911 Emergencies with Robertson County EMS. Signs have been posted to prevent parking and continue to keep the area mowed. EMS has reported our addresses are exceedingly difficult to find in case of an emergency and they have requested each lot owner to provide a 5-digit green reflective physical address for their homes. This has been raised previously, but very few lot owners have addressed.

Safety/Channel Marking – Larry Hubbell - all channel markers have been marked except 2 that we cannot reach due to hydrilla. This will be addressed once this area is open enough to reach. Lower water levels are showing some stumps in boat lanes, and these have been removed.

Oil & Gas & Water – Alan Beard reported income was budgeted at $300k for this year, but actuals are $159k so the forecast is much lower at $210k so revenue will be short about $100k this year. Comstock pumped a total of 1,202,170 barrels of water from the lake and we received a check for $300,542.50.

Wildlife - Alan Beard reported lots of issues with the pig's causing destruction to many lot owners' property. Allen reported the traps are not working and discuss the need to hire a professional trapper as we are receiving several complaints. Regulations do not allow rifles. The Board has previously not taken responsibility for removal of wild animals, but Alan will investigate options.

Building - Ralph Crum - Ralph reported the sunken boat was removed, and 2 other lot owners are promising to clean up their deteriorating boat houses. Communication – Lisa Sawyer reported the new website is being used and we have received several emails via the website from lot owners. Lisa is still to develop and train the Communications Committee to start taking over website updates. July newsletter was published with some great pictures. Thanks to all who shared!

Dam & Rec Area - Mark Schinzler provided the report from Mitchell & Morgan regarding the Geotechnical study of the dam. The purpose was to determine the stability of the dam and review the erosion on the backside. The good news is that the dam is stable, but 1 area does need to be addressed. He estimated the repair cost would be between $50-100k and next steps were to get a 1) Design Plan & then 2) Construct the Repairs and set up a 3) on-going Monitoring Program.

Roads - Mark Schinzler – Tim Zradicka and visitors raised concerns that the roads are really bad. Mark responded that we need an on-going maintenance plan for the roads including a much larger investment than we have budgeted. Discussion with the lack of rain making it difficult to maintain the roads without water trucks. Mark closed the discussion with his action to present a “short term” solution to address immediate concerns and then a longer-term solution.