Privately Owned Lake located in Robertson County, Texas

Camp Creek Lake is a 900 acre private lake located in Robertson County, Texas. The beautiful, wooded lake is uniquely owned – the Camp Creek Water Company owns the lake itself and the 450+ private lots surrounding the lake are owned by individuals. Most lot owners retain a share of stock in the Camp Creek Water Company allowing the property owners to have a say in the operations of the company and the lake. Whether Camp Creek Lake is a permanent home or a weekend cabin – the owners know it as a private, tranquil beauty filled with fun.

Current Notices for Camp Creek

Burn Pile Update


July 22, 2024

All burn piles will be closed for the next two weeks as we have Dwight on vacation and are unable to burn, we hope to being burning on July 24th.

Burn pile Etiquette

1. If the burn pile closed sign is up, there is no more dumping. We have to keep the piles small to ensure we can safely burn.

2. Of a lot owner is caught dumping at a closed burn pile there will be a 500.00 dollar fine. Each burn pile has 24-hour cameras  

3. There is absolutely no dumping of any furniture or wood with nails and screws.

These dates are estimates, as we depend on weather cooperating and volunteer firefighters' availability. 

Riley Green Rd.  - Burning 7/22 - Open 7/24

Clyde Acord Rd.  - Burning 7/23 - weather permitting

Hoppess Rd. - Burning 7/24 - weather permitting

Patrolman On Duty


June & July 2024

June 10th - June 23rd Ralph Crum

June 24 - July 7 Tim Zradicka

July 8th - July 21st Ralph Crum

July 22nd - Aug 4th Tim Zradicka

If you need assistance, please call or text the Patrolman at 979-906-8064

Important Reminders

  • Refrain from alcohol when operating a boat and/or jet ski.
  • Do not pull tubes down the channel.
  • Boats and jet skis must travel in a counterclockwise direction in the skiing area.
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times by those being pulled behind a watercraft and on jet skis.
  • Stay in boat lanes when possible.
  • Be mindful and courteous to others on the lake.
  • Please remember to register all boats and jet skis in the office.​
  • Guests are not to launch their watercraft.
  • Guests will need a pass while on the lake, if they are not with a lot owner.
  • Please refer to the CC Lake Rules & Regulations and Directory Booklet or call the CCWC office if you have questions.