Camp Creek Water Company

Camp Creek Water Company, a Texas Corporation

Camp Creek Lake is  a 900 acre private lake located in Robertson County, Texas.  The beautiful, wooded lake is uniquely owned --  the Camp Creek Water Company owns the lake itself and the 450+ private lots surrounding the lake are owned by individuals.  Most lot owners retain a share of stock in the Camp Creek Water Company allowing the property owners to have a say in the operations of the company and the lake.

The Camp Creek Lake website is where lot owners find official information about the Company.  
Up-to-date news is provided along with our Rules and Regulations, safety  reminders and tips on where to go for additional information.  

Whether Camp Creek Lake is a permanent home or a weekend cabin -- the owners know it as a private, tranquil beauty filled with fun.   

To ensure the safety and well being of all Camp Creek Lake users, the Company has strict rules on boating, water sports, personal water craft, and more.  All lot owners and their guests must abide by the rules at all times.  Please, practice caution at all times.

For more information, please contact:                             2015 Board Meeting Schedule  (Subject to change)   
Ralph Crum, Secretary/Treasurer                                                                      March 7th
P.O. Box 37                                                                                                              May 16th
New Baden, Texas 77870                                                                                      September 19th                                                                                           December 12th
(979) 828-2907                                                         1st meeting of 2016:    March 19th                         

                                                                                                               Annual Meeting:          April 30th

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Camp Creek Water Company

Camp Creek Water Co

P.O. Box 37,

New Baden, TX 77870


Office phone: 979-828-2907