Board Meeting Attendance

If you would like to attend a Board Meeting, please send an email to the CCWC Office manager 10 days prior to the meeting with your name, lot number and the purpose or discussion topic.


Effective 6/29/2022 we are under a burn ban!


We were notified by  Brazos Electric that someone has shot holes in their electrical poles!  This is a crime and can lead to prosecution.  These are not just solid poles, but contain digital equipment to provide data to address daily continuous operation of the equipment.  Please notify your family and friends and make sure that no one is out shooting at our electrical poles!  The patrolmen have been notified and should be called if you see these acts occurring.


Burn Pile Update

When dumping hydrilla on the burn piles, please dump the hydrilla on the side away from the pile as it does not burn well and needs to dry.

Important Reminders:

  • Refrain from alcohol when operating a boat and/or jet ski.
  • Do not pull tubes down the channel.
  • Boats and jet skis must travel in a counterclockwise direction in the skiing area.
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times by those being pulled behind a watercraft and on jet skis.
  • Stay in boat lanes when possible.
  • Be mindful and courteous to others on the lake.
  • Please remember to register all boats and jet skis in the office.​
  • Guests are not to launch their watercraft.
  • Guests will need a pass while on the lake, if they are not with a lot owner. 
  • Please refer to the CC Lake Rules & Regulations and Directory Booklet or call the CCWC office if you have questions.

Lake Management Companies

If you are interested in treating around your dock area, the following companies have provided the required proof of insurance, are knowledgeable of the lake and are approved to be on Camp Creek Lake for the purpose of your vegetation treatment:  

Lochow Ranch Pond and Lake Management
Jason Chapman

Solitude Lake Managment

Cole Kabella


Pond Doctor of Texas

Daryl Lenz


These companies must notify the CCWC office prior to launching any boats.