Stockholder's meeting April 30th at 6pm
If you are interested in joining the CCWC Garden Club, contact Sheri Williams:  979-204-2526  -   smwill@tconline.net.



The Verizon cell tower is now operation.  



The Boat Parade has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 4th.


Due to the recent rains the lake level is high and over some docks.  Please be mindful of other's boats and boat docks and do not make a wake until the water recedes.



Solitude is scheduled to release another 1000 carp in the lake on June 29th.  The Board is currently working on more options to help with the hydrilla situation.  We will update you as soon as possible.


There have been sightings of a large, black cat around Camp Creek.  After the first sighting of the black cat, a member of the Board shared the video with a biologist at TPWD.  He concluded that it was a large, black “house” cat.  After the second sighting the local Game Warden was contacted.  The video that was shown to the Game Warden was very grainy. Therefore, the best he could tell is that it is larger than a “house” cat, but  does not appear to be a black panther.  He does not recommend anyone stalk and kill the animal.  If you do see the cat, please call the CCWC office or the Patrolman.  If you can safely take a picture of the animal, please send your picture to the CCWC office and we will get the pictures to the Game Warden.

 The contractor will be putting the finishing touches on the Verizon Cell Tower in the coming days.  However, even though the tower is complete, it is not operational.  We are waiting on Verizon to connect the satellites. We do not have a date on that yet, but will update you as soon as we have more information.



We have updated the 2021-2022 Board of Directors.  We have not updated the committees yet.  Those will be published soon.



On November 20th Bob Priestly notified the CCWC Board that he would be stepping down as President effective November 25, 2020 to assist several family members.


The burn ban has been lifted.

CCWC office will be closed Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th for the Thanksgiving holidays.  We wish every a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!


A burn ban is in effect until further notice.



Starting Wednesday, October 14th a contractor will be repairing the barrier around the spillway, so please avoid the area.  The repairs should be finished sometime Friday.



The burn pile on Clyde Acord Road is now open.


Vegetation Update

After much research relating to professional lake management from private companies, TAMU and Texas Parks and Wildlife, CCWC Board of Directors have approved CCWC to contract with Solitude Lake Management to provide professional lake management services to Camp Creek Lake.  More information on treatment plans as well as educational information will be communicated in the future.

Financial Update

A summary of our 2018 Financials is posted on this website under the Notices button.  The full report is available at the CCWC office for review.  We can also email a copy to you upon request.  The information for 2019 has been turned over to the auditor and will be released as soon as available.


The Burn Ban has been lifted!!!

The burn piles off C Hoppess Road and Riley Green Road are now open.  However, the burn pile on Clyde Acord Road is still closed.


Be on alert!!!

There have been reports of missing mail and stolen packages.  If you notice suspicious activity, please get a license plate number and call the office and/or patrolman.



 Last year the services of JH Professional Tree Service were utilized to remove many under water stumps around the lake.  We concentrated primarily on the  marked boat channels.  Good progress was made, and several stumps were removed from the main channel as well as Flag, Bee & Cobb Branches. 

 Additional stumps have been identified over the past year, and those have been marked with floating jugs labeled “Stump”.  That company will be out again in the later part of September to continue cutting stumps for both CCWC, and any lot owner that may wish to participate. 

In addition to the few remaining stumps that have been identified in a marked channel, this year I am concentrating on removing stumps that have rebar sticking out of them.  Please refrain from driving rebar into any stump, as it poses a significant safety hazard for water craft.  Although I think we have a good handle on the remaining stumps in marked channels, there will always be one or two more that I just didn’t see.  Please don’t hesitate to notify me, or the office if you strike one while underway.

 I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but the lake level is beginning to drop quickly.  While on boat patrol this past weekend, I hit a few stumps and saw several just below the surface.  Please be careful while enjoying the upcoming holiday weekend.  Many stumps are just below the surface now.  If you strike one at speed, it could cause significant damage to your watercraft.             

Lot owners wishing to have a stump(s) removed from around their boathouse, or to clear a path out to the main channel should mark those stumps with a floating marker of some sort labeled “Stump”.   The cost will be the same as last year, $150. per stump.   Stumps should be clearly marked by September 21st for those that want to participate.  Please contact Melissa at the CCWC office, 979-828-2907 or me at 979-595-3381 to be added to the list, ask questions, and payment information.         

Ralph Crum
Chairman, Channel Marking Committee





Effective immediately, the burn piles on both Riley Greed Rd and Clyde Accord Rd are CLOSED!  Signs have been put up, but some residents/contractors have continued to utilize the site.  We cannot burn these piles while under a burn ban.  If the burn pile gets too large it becomes dangerous to burn and can easily get out of control.  These burn piles are there as a convenience to our lot owners.  Failure to abide by our use rules could cost ALL residents and Camp Creek the right to have burn piles. If  you see someone dumping in a CLOSED burn pile please remind them, get their license plate and description of the vehicle and report it to the office.  Contractors will be traced back to the owners. 
The burn pile off C Hoppess Rd is still OPEN until full.  When it is closed with a sign, no more dumping until the burn ban is over.
Being able to keep our burn piles is NOT totally under Camp Creek’s authority.  We must abide by both Robertson County rules and TCEQ.  Please do not slow down our office by calling to just talk about this.  Call only if you have something to report.

​Thank you for your cooperation.



Burn Pile #2 on Riley Green Road and Burn Pile #3 on Clyde Acord are closed until further notice.




As most of you know, Cindy Caubarreaux submitted her resignation as Secretary-Treasurer and her last day at the office is Wednesday, July 29th.  Cindy accepted a position at Franklin ISD.  We will miss Cindy and we thank her for her work at Camp Creek Lake and wish her the best in her new job! We have hired a part-time, temporary, Melissa McDonald, to work in the office until the board decides on a permanent solution.  

New Temporary Office Hours

Monday 7/27 - 8:00 - 4:30pm

Tuesday 7/28 - 8:00 - 4:30pm

Wednesday 7/29 - 8:00 - 4:30pm

Thursday 7/30 - Closed

Friday 7/31 - 8:30 - 3:00pm

Effective August 3, 2020

New Temporary Office Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 - 2:30pm


Boat Reminders

  • If you purchase a boat from another lot owner, it needs to be re-registered with CCWC.
  • All boats must have 3" lot numbers on each side of the boat.
  • Boats must drive in a counterclockwise direction in the ski area. 
  • Please refer to the Rules & Regulations Book for all boating rules.



 July 4th Festivities & Boat Parade Cancelled

**Due to Governor Abbott's Executive order on social gatherings, ALL July 4th Festivities and Boat Parade have been cancelled.  

If individual families want to decorate their boats and parade around the lake July 4th weekend, we are sure others will enjoy watching them from their own docks. However, Camp Creek Water Company is not sponsoring, judging or setting a time for an official boat parade or any other July 4th festivities. 

Thank you for your understanding and have a safe and enjoyable July 4th!

Important Reminders:

  • Refrain from alcohol when operating a boat and/or jet ski.
  • Do not pull tubes with people on them down the channel.
  • Boats and jet skis must travel in a counterclockwise direction in the skiing area.
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times by those on tubes and jet skis.
  • Stay in boat lanes when possible.
  • Be mindful and courteous to others on the lake.
  • Please remember to register all boats and jet skis in the office.​
  • Guests are not to launch their watercraft.
  • Guests will need a pass while on the lake, if they are not with a lot owner. 
  • Please refer to the CC Lake Rules & Regulations and Directory Booklet or call the CCWC office if you have questions.

********Please Read*********

The office will be Closed this Friday/June 26th

Next Week the office will be Closed:
Monday/June 29th
Thursday/July 2nd
Friday/July 3rd

I will be in the office this week Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm next week Tuesday and Wednesday if you need anything before the Holiday Weekend, please call (979) 828-2907 or email me.  Examples: Registering Boats, ORV, guest passes, need a sticker for you car. etc......The Patrolman's number is (979) 906-8064, if you need it while I'm on vacation

-Thanks Cindy

Important Reminders:

  • Refrain from alcohol when operating a boat and/or jet ski.
  • Do not pull tubes with people on them down the channel.
  • Boats and jet skis must travel in a counterclockwise direction in the skiing area.
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times by those on tubes and jet skis.
  • Stay in boat lanes when possible.
  • Be mindful and courteous to others on the lake.
  • Please remember to register all boats and jet skis in the office.​
  • Guests are not to launch their watercraft.
  • Guests will need a pass while on the lake, if they are not with a lot owner. 
  • Please refer to the CC Lake Rules & Regulations and Directory Booklet or call the CCWC office if you have questions.

It will be a crowded weekend and we hope that everyone has a fun and safe weekend on the lake!

Patrolman Update/Report

Important Reminders:

  • Do not pull tubes with people on them down the channel.
  • Boats and jet skis must travel in a counterclockwise direction in the skiing area.
  • Lake level will be dropping soon, so please be advised of stumps.
  • Please remember to register all boats and jet skis in the office.​

Thank you and have a safe and fun summer!

CCWC Patrolmen

Vegetation Update

​​The herbicide test at the swimming area was successful.  CCWC has expanded the treatment area to include the rest of the swimming area and the shoreline to the front of the pavilion.  At the last meeting, the board approved for the solicitation of proposals for a professional lake management company to regularly assess the lake and make recommendations for the treatment of the common areas.  This is a proposal only.  The Board of Directors will make a decision based on budget and the best interest of CCWC.

Several lot owners have contracted for weed control around their lot.  Both companies have complied with our requests of notification and proof of insurance.  Thank you all for your cooperation in regard to this.

Bob Priestly, President CCWC
Amy Drozd, Vice President CCWC

Tuesday 6/9 and Wednesday 6/10 the office will be CLOSED!!!  Sorry for the inconvenience.



When operating watercraft this summer….

  • Wear a life jacket
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Supervise Children
  • Use the Safety Switch
  • Learn how to swim

Remember, there is a mandatory $250
fine for operating or being a passenger on
a jet ski without wearing a Coast Guard
approved life jacket.  For your safety and
the safety of others, please read Article
26 of the Rules and Regulations. 

Have fun, but please be safe!

May 19, 2020

Many lot owners have informed us of a consultation and/or assessment of the vegetation issues around your lot and dock area by various lake management professionals. We appreciate everyone that has called for permission before acting. This keeps us informed as to what is occurring that may affect the lake or others around you.
While CCWC does not endorse any particular company, if you as lot owners, would like to contract with a lake management professional to treat your lot area you may do so. Please follow the below guidelines:
• The company may launch their boat for treatment purposes only.
• Prior to launch
o the vendor must provide the CCWC office of proof of liability insurance with CCWC listed as other insured.
o The CCWC office must be contacted informing us of the date(s) and lots that will be treated. (CCWC office will notify the Lake Patrolman.)
• The vendor is to adhere to traveling in the designated boat lanes to get to the lots.
• CCWC is in no way responsible for any damage caused to their boat or equipment.
• The lot owner is responsible for notifying neighbors that may be affected by the treatment for either swimming and/or irrigation purposes.
Any vendor that does not adhere to the above will be asked to leave.
As an update to CCWC’s testing at the swimming area:
• The product Navigate was dispensed but was not very effective with heavy vegetation.
• Hydrothol was dispensed and we are seeing success with this product but it will be a few more days to know the full affect. This was done at the swimming area only.
We will continue to discuss the issue at future board of director meetings and keep you informed.
Thank you and enjoy the holiday weekend.

Bob Priestly, President CCWC
Amy Drozd,  Vice President CCWC

This Friday, May 22nd the office will close at noon and on Monday the office will be Closed.  Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend.-Cindy

Just a REMINDER an email was sent out earlier this month to let Lot Owners know that the Bass Tournament/Kid Fish has been postponed.  Once I find out the new date for these popular events I will let you know.  

Summer is right around the corner and Camp Creek is already busy.  Please read the Rules and Regulations that can be found on the website if you do not have a copy.

 Just a few reminders:

  • It has been brought to our attention that there has been tubing outside of the permitted/designated ski area.  For the safety of all, all jet skiing, tubing and skiing is to be in the designated areas only. 
  • There is a mandatory $250 fine if you are operating a jet ski without a life jacket.
  • A counter-clockwise pattern when pulling a tuber/skier is required.
  • The Patrolman are on the lake daily, please make sure your boat and/or jet ski is registered with the office and your tags are visible.

 We want to keep all lot owners and their guest safe. 

New lot owners if you need assistance on how to navigate your boat from your dock towards the main channel and unsure of where stumps might be please call the Patrolman they are happy to help.

Office Number 979-828-2907
Patrolman Number 979-906-8064

​Many of you may have received an email expressing concerns about the amount of lake vegetation.  These concerns are certainly warranted. 

In response we would like to inform you as lot owners what Camp Creek Water Company is doing about the issue.  This has been a topic on our meeting agenda’s for at least the past year.  Currently, we are testing a herbicide (Navigate) at the swimming area to better understand the results and quantity that may be needed.   The herbicide can be purchased by individuals online and applied to lot areas.

We have not ruled out grass carp but at this time, we are not pursuing the purchase.  The purchase of grass carp will require us to put some additional coverage on the spillway to prevent any carp from escaping into other waterways.  This causes some other issues that may be detrimental to the overall lake. 

In addition, we are in the process of seeking a professional assessment of the lake with regard to the vegetation along with a recommendation on a plan of action for the current issue and how to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Please remember this is a long process.  Our goal is to keep Camp Creek enjoyable for users for many years to come. 

We will keep you informed of the situation as we progress.


Bob Priestly, President CCWC
Amy Drozd, Vice President CCWC

Congrats to the New Board Members:
President Bob Priestly
Vice President Amy Drozd
Janice Bayer
Jami Browning
Richard Peterson
Tim Powell
Philip Vance

The amendment to the By-Laws was Approved.  

Thank you to the outgoing Board Members.
Finley Poe, Robert Bielamowicz, David Dixon, Rodney McFadden and Libby Stone.


Just a friendly Reminder please make sure to turn in your Ballots.  


The Office is Closed if you need anything please call the main number to the office 

979-828-2907 or email me ccwc@windstream.net 

All Boats, Jet Ski's and ORV's need to be registered with Camp Creek Lake. The Patrolman will be looking for Red Stickers/Green Stickers and Lot numbers on your Boats,Jet Skis and ORV's, if you don't have your boat registered you will be asked to leave and will be issued an automatic fine.  See Rule 26.6

The Office will be CLOSED Tomorrow!!

Next week is Spring Break, if you have any new boats, Jet Ski's and/or ORVs that you need to Register the office will be open Monday and Tuesday. All boats, jet skis and ORV's must be registered with Camp Creek Water Co.  Any questions please call the office 979-828-2907.

I will leave a few stickers with Ralph Crum for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday he will only hand them out if you have a copy of your Bill of Sale or a copy of the Title.  Enjoy next week and the Sunshine.

Dues will be considered late if payment is postmarked after March 16,2020.  Any questions please call the office. 979-828-2907

The Office will be CLOSED next week Wednesday-Friday, if you need anything on those days please call the Patrolman

Mark Your Calendars

Annual Dues will be Considered Late after March 16, 2020.
Annual Meeting-April 25th
Bass Tournament-Saturday, May 23rd
Kid Fish-Sunday, May 24th

If there are any Volunteers that can help in some way for the Bass Tournament or Kid Fish Please let me know.  

Please be Aware!!!  There was a break-in on the North side of the Lake.  Many tools and a trolling motor was stolen.  Please keep a look out and if you see something suspicious please call the Patrolman.

Please be Aware!!!!  It has been reported that there was a break in on the North side of the Lake.  Please keep a look out and please come and check on your property from time to time.  It was reported to the Sheriff's Department.  

We are not under a Burn Ban!!!  Please be careful when burning on your own property, before you leave please make sure your fire is completely out.  I make sure to update this website as soon as I get an ALERT from Robertson County.

Also just an update the Patrolman's Phone is up and working.  The best number to reach the Patrolman is 979-906-8064.

Patrolman's Cell Phone is NOT Working?  Please call the land line 979-828-3860 if you need anything.

The Burn Pile's will be CLOSED by T.C.E.Q. until further notice.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Patrolman's Cell Phone is Working Again!!!

The Patrolman's cell phone is not working properly.  Please if you need to contact the Patrolman call the land line 828-3860 or the office 979-828-2907.

Burn Ban Lifted​



The company hired to begin removing stumps from the lake, JH Professional Tree Service has delayed the start of the project by one week.  Originally scheduled to begin yesterday 9/23, equipment repair/maintenance has pushed the start date to next Monday, 9/30.

 Lot owners that expressed an interest but were unable to get to the lake, now have one more weekend to mark stumps.  The cost for removal is $150. per stump.  If you would like to participate in this program, or have questions about the process you may call Cindy Caubarreaux, Secretary/Treasurer, at the Camp Creek office: 979-828-2907, or me: 979-906-8064.  Your name will be added to the list, and we can explain how to mark the stump(s) for removal. 

 Once this project is complete, attention will then shift to replacing missing channel markers and better alignment of existing markers. 

Ralph Crum
Chairman, Channel Marking Committee


Please be on the look out for 2 big white dogs (80 lbs).   They are missing from Lot #58.  Their names are Sunshine and Pearl they are gentle dogs.  They have collars, updated tags and are micro-chipped.  The lot owner is offering a REWARD $1,000 if found.  
Please call-Karen Hall 777-7978


I hope everyone saw the email about how the BBQ Cook-off has been Canceled, due to the lack of participation.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Excessive Littering

The Patrolman has reported excessive trash on our roads here at Camp Creek.  Please do not litter if you see anyone dumping non-burnable trash at one of our community burn piles, or throwing trash out while driving down one of our roads, and can provide identifying vehicle information, IE; Car/truck, make, color please contact me or our Lake Patrolman at 979-906-8064.  This is very frustrating and we want to be proactive to stop the littering of our beautiful community.

A Burn Ban is in Effect until further Notice.


7/29/19  PLEASE READ

There has been a sighting of an Alligator near Lots #360-429.  I just want Lot Owners to be Aware.  Please call the Office if you see anything?  979-828-2907