Board Meeting Highlights

September 26, 2020 Board Meeting

  • The guests that were listed on the agenda spoke to the Board regarding LTUs and building permits.
  • The Patrolman spoke about violations of boaters on the lake and lot owners not following burn pile regulations during the burn ban.  A water sample was taken and will be taken to TAMU for testing.
  • CCWC has contracted with Solitude Lake Management, but the long term plan has not been decided yet. However, as part of the yearly management they will provide vegetation mappings and assessments and continue to treat the common areas. 
  • Some additional buoys have been placed on the lake and the stump removal process has been completed for now.
  • Current oil and gas production is down.
  • The Communication Committee is working to improve communication between the Board and Lot owners.  In an effort to keep the lot owners more up-to-date, we will try to post official information more often on the website.
  • The 2018 audited financials are complete and a copy is available in the office.  The 2019 tax return is complete and has been sent for audit.  We are getting caught up on the financial reporting and this should allow us to publish the financials sooner in the future.
  • CCWC and the Social Committee will host a Veteran’s Breakfast Saturday, November 7th.  Please look at the website for details or call the office for more information.
  • Melissa McDonald has been hired as the new office manager.  The new office hours are posted on the website.
  • Verizon continues to assure us that the new cell tower is in the plans for a location just off Riley Green Road and is to be constructed this year.
  • Paul Dorsett with Solitude spoke to the Board on his assessment of the lake and some on his recommendations.   He will continue to map the vegetation data and use it to determine the effectiveness of the treatment, whether that be herbicide and/or carp, and adjust accordingly and keeping in line with CCWC goals and budget.  He will provide the Executive Committee with a formal plan. Solitude and CCWC will be discussing a future meeting with interested lot owners.  The date and time will be provided once this has been scheduled; however, we expect it to be in the first quarter of 2021.
  • The Board approved minor repairs to the spillway barrier.  These repairs will put the barrier in compliance with the TPWD requirements needed to obtain a permit for carp.  Keep in mind these repairs cannot take place if the water level is too high; therefore, the dam committee will be working with the contractor on the timing of this project.

​August 1, 2020  Board Meeting

  • Visitors spoke to the board on the following issues and/or concerns:
    • Road damage due to large equipment
    • Septic system issues
    • Vegetation concerns
    • Building Committee matters
  • Patrolmen gave a brief report on the lake and stopping several individuals from launching boats that are not lot owners.  They asked the President and Board for a clear direction on rules that the Board would like them to enforce. They stressed they need a list of specific duties so that lot owners are not asking them to do tasks outside of their assigned duties as the patrolman are part time and have a limited amount of time.
  • There was more lengthy discussion amongst board members on the vegetation issue. Since this is a hot topic an update will be placed on the website under Notices.
  • Cindy Caubarreaux has resigned as Secretary/Treasurer and Melissa McDonald is filling this position on a part time basis.
  • Chuck Hairston has been maintaining our roads, but he will taking his new job as County Commissioner at the beginning of the year; therefore, his last day will be later this year.  The Board discussed finding a replacement.


May 30, 2020 Board Meeting

  • Robert Bielamowicz gave an update on the Easterly Volunteer FD placing a pumper truck at the CCWC office/shed to improve response times to the CC Lake area.  The board agreed to have Robert continue communications with the FD in order to work out the specifics of what is needed to make this possible.
  • Property Tax -- CCWC has secured reduced property tax values through the application of EcoLab.  The plan is to transition to a wildlife exemption over the coming year.
  • The construction of a new Verizon cell tower on Riley Green Road should start by late 4th Q 2020. It is not certain at this time if AT&T plans to rent space on this tower.
  • Committees and Chairs were assigned.  A complete listing of this year’s committees and chairs can be found our website.  Each committee will give a report for our quarterly newsletter.  The first newsletter publication is planned for late July.
  • Vegetation – The Board heard from lot owners on their concerns about lake vegetation.  The board agreed to meet with lake management companies and request proposals/assessments.  The Board also agreed for CCWC vegetation committee to expand treatment of vegetation from the public swimming area to the dam and also treat the two other boat ramps.